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The Advanced Laser Treatment to Clear Up Your Eyes

As a board-certified and fellowship-trained eye surgeon, Dr. Weinlander offers state-of-the-art vitreolysis to address eye floaters brookfield.

Depending on the case, a laser treatment called vitreolysis breaks up — and sometimes vaporizes — larger floaters that impair vision. With laser vitreolysis, the surgeon can utilize the laser to eliminate your floaters.

Vitreolysis is performed in our office suite. In general, a session of vitreolysis can take between 20 minutes to an hour to complete. Patients go home after the procedure, and many patients will require two sessions to reach the best results.

We'll perform a follow-up exam the day after vitreolysis and once again a week later. From there, we'll make recommendations based on how your eyes responded to the initial treatment. Call your Eye Doctor Brookfield now to book an appointment.

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Floaters Q & A

A "floater" or an "eye floater" is how patients and eye specialists describe dots or thread-like shadows that appear in someone's line of vision.

Floaters consist of collagen, which is also part of the fluid — called vitreous — inside the eye, between the retina and the lens.

Over the years, vitreous thins, and the sac holding it separates from the eyewall. The shadows from the collagen fragments are what you might see.

Patients of all ages can experience floaters, but the number of patients affected increases with age.

Of the patients that experience floaters, many describe it as simply an annoyance. However, some patients have floaters that impair their vision on a daily basis. At Milwaukee Eye Surgeons, Dr. Weinlander provides customized treatment for eye floaters.

Every patient is different, and the team at Milwaukee Eye Surgeons will work to understand your experience with eye floaters.

Patients may be asked to complete a survey regarding eye floaters. Then, we'll complete an exam to look at the structure of the eye. For some patients, an ultrasound or other ancillary testing modalities also help to assess the vitreous.

You may be a candidate for vitreolysis if you:

  • Have experienced eye floaters for at least 4+ months 
  • Feel as though eye floaters have affected your ability to perform daily tasks 
  • Feel as though eye floaters are affecting your quality of life 
  • Don't have serious eye conditions, including retinal tears or detachments, cataracts, or clouding in the cornea or lens

If you are experiencing eye floaters or would like more information about laser vitreolysis, contact Dr. Weinlander at Milwaukee Eye Surgeons.

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